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Hen Power

Many people struggle with loneliness and health wellbeing and often that is intensified as we get to an older age in life. Did you know many senior care communities in Northeast England have started a project called “Hen Power” to help combat the feelings of depression and loneliness? This fun new trend has proven to:

improve upon quality of life as well as reduced use in antipsychotic medications.

This project brings hens to older people in care settings. The project is supporting some 700 residents, including those with dementia, in more than 20 care homes in Northeast England.

Hen Power was created as a charity called, Equal Arts in 2011. The idea was to use henkeeping to help with social isolation, reduce depression and improve people’s wellbeing. A resident with dementia continued to talk about his “girls” and how he missed caring for them. It tuned out that his “girls” were his hens on his farm, thus the idea for Hen Power was created.

Some of you may have noticed the chicken coop that appeared in the backyard of Neuvant. We still have some final touches, but we are bringing Hen Power to Lawrence, Kansas. Something we hope everyone will enjoy from residents to grandchildren.

Please take a moment to research this great opportunity that will offer purpose, meaningful and intentional interactions to be had by all.

- From Emily


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