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Stories of Care

"Neuvant House has been such a blessing for our family. The facility is beautiful, with spacious areas for the residents to congregate, streaming light through the many windows, and clean, large rooms for the residents. The staff is amazing; they are competent, caring, and treat residents as if they are family. They plan activities to keep the residents active, and, most importantly, they treat each person with the dignity and respect they deserve. Cosmas is a fabulous director, and it is clear why he has won many awards and accolades. The nursing staff, led by Brittany and Aaron, are highly qualified, competent, and caring. Knowing that the three of them are in charge brings our family great peace of mind and comfort. We had experience with another memory care facility and can confidently say that Neuvant House offers far superior care. Our loved one spent his entire professional life developing and evaluating living environments for dependent adults that are ethical, humane, and of the highest quality. We are sure he would give Neuvant House his stamp of approval as we do. Thank you Neuvant House for taking such incredible care of our loved one. "

-Jan and Jenna-

"There are many reasons I highly recommend Neuvant!  I have had experience that provides me with a unique perspective - 4 loved ones served by Neuvant in their memory care home and over 30 years working in the field of long-term residential supports and services.  The work they do is tough (especially through a pandemic) and yet, they have always maintained a person-centered, value driven focus to provide high quality services to the residents that live there.  They welcome and foster a strong level of involvement with friends an family members, working alongside you when changes or challenges arise.  They are creative, think outside the box, remain focused on solutions that are best for the residents and they do all they can to maintain their highest quality of life throughout the progression of the disease.  I am very thankful for the leadership and staff at Neuvant.  I can think of no better place or team in Lawrence to navigate the emotions and decisions that come with a loved one having Dementia or Alzheimer's." 


"My mother lived at Neuvant House from April of 2018 until her death in January of 2022, and I could not be more thankful that we were part of the Neuvant Family. There are so many incredible people who work there who cared for my mother so lovingly, and the administration was always receptive to my concerns and suggestions. Both houses are beautifully decorated, and they have all sorts of wonderful activities for the residents. I visited every memory care facility in town before placing my mom, and I have no doubt that Neuvant is the absolute best."


"Neuvant House has been a wonderful place for our family! The staff are caring, kind, and patient. We would not hesitate to recommend Neuvant House to anyone that needs a place that will care for your family as if they are their own. They have been a blessing to us."


"Neuvant House has been a place for our family for several years. We appreciate the caring staff and have always felt listened to when we reach out. It is a clean, well cared for facility and Emily N. provides activities that provide a lively, busy atmosphere. We also appreciate the coordination for onsite services such as dentistry, podiatry and haircare."


"I have done the lawn maintenance for the Neuvant House of Lawrence since it opened. The entire organization from the owners, management and staff have treated me with the utmost care and kindness. I would without hesitation, highly recommend this facility for those in need."


Neuvant House of Lawrence is the best of the best in nursing and memory care in every single aspect. If my family had searched for years, we couldn’t have found a more loving, attentive, and personalized home—or caregivers—for our mom in her final years.


Mom was early/mid-stage Alzheimer’s when we first visited in 2016. From the moment we entered East House for an introductory lunch, we could see and feel how different Neuvant was from any other place we’d visited. The staff is very involved with all of the residents. They not only care for the people living there, they really know them. Likes and dislikes, specific personalities, ways to re-direct and calm, activities that engage and enrich—everyone at Neuvant House, from the director, Cosmas, to the kitchen staff—interacts with the residents almost continually, and all are very well-trained to bring comfort, exceptional care, and a true “home” atmosphere to the residents.


For the six and a half years Mom was there, I was continually surprised and impressed at how important it was to not only keep her safe and well, but to find ways specific to her personality and disease to encourage, comfort and care for her. The nursing staff, superbly led by Brittany, was in regular contact with me about Mom’s condition. Brittany and Mom even “worked” together: on more than one occasion during a visit, I’d find them in the nurse’s office, Brittany working on her laptop, Mom with a coffee and some blank papers at the table, helping in her own way. It was never looked on as an inconvenience. It’s simply the way Neuvant House staff and administrators care for their residents. It’s their home. There isn’t separation of “us” and “them.” It really is a big family.


When it came time to look for hospice care, Cosmas provided two specific companies based on Mom’s needs, condition and personality. Again, the match was perfect because of how well he knew Mom and us. The ease of the transition was seamless, and during a difficult time, Neuvant House and Faith Hospice worked together to make sure there was nothing that was overlooked. It was such a huge blessing.


After Mom’s passing, I wanted to have a Celebration of Life at Neuvant: it had become a real home for Mom, and a second home for me. I learned it was already in the works, and the Celebration itself was absolutely beautiful, filled with love, tears and community.


If my family had to do everything all over again, we would choose Neuvant every single time. It is simply unparalleled in personal, responsible and attentive care. It truly is a “home away from home” for our loved ones, and the peace this place and this staff brought us can’t be properly put into words. Neuvant House and its staff are the best of the best. To see the staff of Neuvant at work is to truly see love in action.

-Susan Crawford-

I want to thank and recognize the Owners and more importantly the Staff of Neuvant House in Lawrence Kansas for outstanding service and personal care given to my father for the last two years (since Oct 8, 2018). The management of each resident’s everyday needs is uniquely customized to give the most flexibility possible to each individual. This helps to avoid the stress that ensues when residence are forced to adhere to ridged schedules that they no longer understand. The family caregivers are also afforded a number of access opportunities and shared activities with their loved one “in residence”. Even with the current Pandemic raging, with careful monitoring and individualized attention caregivers can continue to safely share time with their in house loved one. The leadership and the care that the staff provides continues to be a source of pride and comfort to the family caregivers knowing that we have provided the best opportunity for a happy lifestyle under this trying stage of each residents life.

Jeri, Becky and I want to thank you all for caring for our Daryle!


I've had experience with several different facilities but found Neuvant House to be the perfect place for my husband to be cared for when I could no longer have him at home. The staff understands the effects of Alzheimer's very well and always have a positive way to deal with situations so the residents feel respected and listened to.


My husband had young onset Alzheimer's so in the beginning was still very active and wanted to be busy. The activities director went out of her way to find the right activities that he would be interested in. When he became restless they took him for walks around the neighborhood or drives in the car to get a milkshake. They looked at him as an individual and not just one of the group. It was fun to see all the events that were planned, from theme parties to fashion shows, to live music performed on a regular basis. It warmed my heart to see how the residents eyes lit up and they started dancing to the music. I loved that.
If ever I had a question or concern, Cosmas and Brittany were very receptive and immediately responded to me.

Neuvant House felt like a family.
My husband passed away in November. During his last week the staff were very comforting and went out of their way to see that we had everything we needed. I still miss my visits with the wonderful staff.


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