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Art For The Mind.

At Neuvant House we tend to participate in art quite a bit. We have various styles that we dabble in, including music, painting, theatre and cinema. Recently we have been dabbling in painting and flower arrangement.

Daily Caring website describes art as a relaxing practice that can boost the sense of accomplishment and allow individuals to express themselves in a unique way*. It is also believed to be a wonderful tool of expression for non-verbal individuals. Here are some pictures of our residents enjoying our activities this week.

"Art therapy for dementia can spark non-verbal seniors to smile, laugh, speak, or move. It’s incredible to see someone who has extensive impairments come alive again.
The most effective forms of art therapy are ones that are built on personal passions and memories.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to art therapy. What’s most important is considering your older adult’s current abilities, preferences, and what’s feasible in their living space. The idea is to set them up for success and enjoyment, rather than overwhelm or frustration." (Riox, 2021)

*Rioux, M., 17, R. S., DailyCaring, Zrudsky, D., 27, R. J., Elana, 14, R. O., & Name. (2021, September 17). The benefits of art therapy for dementia. DailyCaring. Retrieved August 18, 2022, from


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