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April showers bring May flowers.

Spring has finally found us. We are so "hoppy" to share our Activity Calendars for April! Every month our Activity Directors hand pick and plan various activities to do throughout the month. These are hand selected to optimize the time we spend together and ensure a wide variety of fun and engagement is always available for everyone at Neuvant. Some of our fan favorites have been Bingo, Flower Arrangement/Design and game nights.

We are so excited to see the flowers and trees blooming and the weather warming. Spring always brings a lot of fun for NHL, as we get to celebrate new beginnings and spend more time outdoors in the sunshine. The last month has been so fun! We celebrated St. Patrick's Day by walking in the Lawrence Parade, handing out candy to our community and then having a great lunch with several of our residents at local hot spot. Other than the parade, we've been busy planting flowers, playing games and waiting for the sunshine to stay.

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