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Valentines, St Pat's, and Spring Time

Coming to you from Neuvant House main office, I am so excited to share with you quarter 1 activities and some great information on our programs and what has been happening at Neuvant House so far this year.

We had a WONDERFUL new years into January 2023, bouncing right through the frigid temps of January into February with a beautiful Valentine's Day celebration coupled with rose petal dining and saxophone serenades. That was followed by a fun Mardi Gras party with a DJ and some Cajun cuisine. That event turned out so great, we decided to participate in the St. Patrick's day parade and took all of our participants to our annual St. Patty's day trip to Johnnies west so David could get his annual green beer.

That wasn't enough, so we continued back to Neuvant for some festivities for Easter with our very own family egg hunt. It was huge, a lot of people joined us and we had a great time celebrating in the beautiful outdoors.

Things are Neuvant aren't slowing down anytime soon, and we are so so SO grateful for the nicer weather, which is allowing us to head down to the sports pavilion to watch some KU tennis practice, and get our fill of people watching in before dinner. It's been a great few months and we are really off to a great start for 2023.

In terms of NEW things, we added a new WII video game system to our collection, so we WILL be having ongoing bowling tournaments in East House hosted by our east activities director, Allison. We can't wait to see who the best bowler is.

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