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Neu Years Neu News and the Neuvant House Newsletter

It's a NEU year at NEUVANT, it's January. It's the season for fresh starts, resolutions and new beginnings. January 1, 2023 was a peaceful day, we brought the new year in with a lot of changes at Neuvant House. Our quarterly newsletter is attached to this blog to explain a lot of those changes for you.

Our 3 biggest notable changes are the new ownership, NH Investors, comprised of local men and women who are active in the Lawrence Community, including one of our own, Cosmas Saina, our NHL Administrator. The team is excited to continue the tradition of quality, person centered care in a place like home that Lisa and Gene built at NHL. You can note the legacy that we have to carry forward is big, and we have some large shoes to fill, but together, with the fantastic team of staff and new ownership, we will do it together. Our promise to our residents is to continue to provide the love, support and care that they need day to day to be independent, happy and healthy.

Our second large piece is our renovation. I have attached some photos of that as well! We are excited to share that Neuvant West is almost done with renovations. The last large piece will be the furniture, scheduled to arrive in March.

Third, but not least, is EmpowerMe Wellness who joins us in our Therapy room in East to provide quality, compassionate, customized care, catering to our residents individual needs for Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.

Thanks for joining me in my post and as always, thank you for being one of the biggest parts of Neuvant. Without our supporters, our families and friends, we couldn't do what we do.

<3 NHL

Neuvant Newsletter
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