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Fall Festivities

As October slowly passed, the leaves outside of our windows have changed to a delicate mix of auburn, yellow and red. There is something to be said about the beauty of fall. As we watch the leaves slowly fall leaf by leaf from the trees, it's a nice reminder that winter is right around the corner. Now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, NHL is taking these moments to remember all of our reasons to be thankful. One of those is how thankful we are for our neighbors and our friends.

Lawrence Montessori School is one of our close neighbors that recently visited on Halloween for trick or treating activities. Our residents spent the week preparing buckets of sweet treats, decorating the courtyards and creating a fun experience inside by decorating our doors. We handed out candy to all of the little Doctors, Sonic the Hedgehogs, witches and kitty cats that came to visit us.

We have been capitalizing on the beautiful days and spending quite a bit more time outside recently. In doing so, we took a beautiful trip to Gary's Berries, Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch located in Grantville, Kansas. Residents and staff enjoyed pumpkin bowling, cider slushies and all of the amenities that Gary's had to offer. It was quite a day as we took every resident from our East house, and quite a few from West. Our kitchen staff prepared a nice mobile lunch and our nursing staff was on standby continuing to provide the quality care that NHL has become known for. We are so thankful for those who joined us and those who came to visit on Halloween. We have shared a collection of photos for you to enjoy from our October outings.

Gary's Berries

Halloween at Neuvant House of Lawrence

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