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Employee Spotlight. Employee of the month September 2022

Our employee of the month has been a vital part of Neuvant House care staff since 2012. Valentina Boye-Doe is a core employee that provides CMA care to the residents day in and day out. Valentina is selfless, respectful and always treats the residents with dignity and respect that everyone deserves. She is not only a wonderful employee, but she is a wonderful person. We are so lucky to have employees like Valentina. Please help us congratulate Valentina on her well deserved recognition.

We also would like to recognize Brittany Evans, our esteemed and talented Director of Nursing, for her 2nd year of consecutive service to Neuvant House.

Vickie Cooper, our very successful and dedicated housekeeping professional and cook. We would like to recognize her on 4 years of consecutive service.

Congratulations to these vital individuals that help Neuvant House of Lawrence provide quality care to the residents we serve.

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