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Employee of the Month November 2022

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

I would like to start out by saying that every employee at Neuvant has a role to play, whether they work 40 hours, or 4 per week. Every staff member works hard to ensure all of our residents receive only the best care available in Lawrence, Kansas. Throughout 2022 we wanted to reinstitute our Employee of the Month program. Our EOTM share a common theme, and that is customer service, resident care, and dedication to do their task with 110% of their ability, 110% of the time. There is no "off" when they are here. These are staff that you won't hear saying they are lacking activity, or are unsure. They are smart, dedicated, and most of all, kind. A positive team spirit goes a long ways in terms of culture, and these people who we proclaim the best of the best, really show everyone what that means.

Thank you to Valentina Boye-Doe, Tanika Townsend, and our most recent, Aspen Royer-Huffman, for your kindness, your positive attitude, and your dedication to the people we serve. You are what makes Neuvant the home of Person Centered Care.

We will continue to strive to provide only the absolute best and positive experience for all of our staff, residents and the loved ones of those we care for. Please follow us on Facebook @Neuvanthouse for a glimpse into the life of our residents and staff. We are very much looking forward to sharing all of our Thankfulness as we approach Thanksgiving next week.

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