A new approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Neuvant House of Lawrence provides memory care at a more personal level in a beautiful residential setting. We focus on the individual needs and preferences of each resident to develop a care plan that enriches their life while providing the most advanced care and support to both the resident and the resident’s family.



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Conversation, laughter and smiles shared by all exemplify the importance of fellowship and the positive effects that family and friends have on the health, happiness and wellbeing of Neuvant House residents. Family, friends and team members come together to celebrate the anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with our residents.


At Neuvant House, you will find more than a home for your loved one, you will find care and support for yourself and your family.. Our family council meetings offer the opportunity for families to discuss the challenges they encounter and learn how others cope in similar situations. We help families communicate and understand the challenges surrounding dementia.


We encourage frequent visits from loved ones. There are no specific visiting hours—we strive to make every day feel like home.

Our building is designed to provide a residential setting where the resident can live safely and freely in a place like home. Our wide hallways are brightly lit with sunlight and are arranged in a circular fashion to allow residents to walk about without becoming lost or disoriented.

Family Participation & Support

The Neuvant Environment


A calm, safe environment helps reduce confusion for residents with memory care needs.

The homelike environment at Neuvant House plays a critical role in the well being of the resident.


When walking into Neuvant House, you will find a lovely home with lots of amenities.  The cozy fireplace is surrounded by windows and allows for ample natural lighting. The comfortable furniture invites you to enjoy a movie or Jayhawks game in front of the living room television. The parlor is a great place to relax and read a book. The kitchen is open and allows a visual experience at every meal. The enclosed courtyard and large back yard provide ample room for enjoying the out-of-doors, for gardening or simply watching the sun set.



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Staying Active

Neuvant House provides exercise programs in which residents can enjoy light strength training, chair yoga, chair tai chi, gentle stretch and creative movement. Exercise helps to increase both the blood flow to the brain and the formation of new brain cells.


Physical activity benefits residents by supporting a healthy weight as well as a strong heart, lungs and decreased blood sugar levels and assisting to help stave off depression. Residents can also participate in exercise outside of the building, including swimming, and walking trails and parks.

Arts & Activities

It's just as important to keep the mind stimulated as it is the body. Neuvant House residents can participate in various programs and individual activities that keep their minds active in a way that provides joy and entertainment.


We encourage residents through activities like Memories in the Making; an art therapy program, developed by the Alzheimer’s Association, that utilizes creative art expression. The goals of Memories in the Making are to encourage communication through painting and exploring the process of creating. The supportive non-critical environment of an art group provides the atmosphere where the participant can form new friendships, share opinions and thoughts. Participants gain a sense of belonging to a group of peers without the stress and pressure they may feel when they are surrounded by others whose expectation and capabilities exceed their own.

Community Activities

At Neuvant House we believe that memory care should be based on the resident’s capabilities, physical health, behavioral status and personal preferences. We provide our residents with a variety of opportunities to stay connected with their community. Many of our residents remain active in the community by continuing to participate in the same local events and activities they've enjoyed for years.


Going to the barber shop provides a great opportunity for men to visit with longtime friends and keep up to date on what is happening with the Jayhawks, friends and local politics.


Our Wednesday morning walks in the park are a fantastic time to get in some exercise and meet new friends from the neighborhood.


Trips to the local Farmer’s Market allows residents to take part in selecting fresh produce and other baked goods while enjoying some exercise, fresh air, and sunshine.


In addition to residents of Neuvant House taking part in community activities, there are a variety of individual community organizations who help to provide enriching in-house activities.


The Validation Method is enriching lives at Neuvant House.

Personal Friendships

The Validation Method is an effective and positive way of communicating with a resident who is experiencing disorientation and memory loss. By affirming a resident’s beliefs and acknowledging the resident’s feelings, the Validation Method helps reduce the resident’s stress and anxiety, and enhances the resident’s dignity and overall happiness


Validation accepts the resident who mentally returns to the past. Often, the resident’s retreat to the past is not a form of mental illness or disease, it is a survival technique. The resident returns to the past to relive the good times and, often, to resolve the bad times.


Neuvant House incorporates elements from the Validation Method in our day-to-day interactions with our residents. Validation restores dignity to our residents.  The Validation Method also teaches empathy and effective communication skills to our team members.  At Neuvant House, residents are encouraged to share past memories, and to enjoy new memories.


Each resident brings something unique to Neuvant House. Validation is just one method that promotes patience, understanding and allows us to meet the needs of each resident.


We all know that spending time with friends is fun, but it may also yield a multitude of long-term physical and emotional benefits. Studies show that healthy relationships make aging more enjoyable, lessen grief, and provide camaraderie to help you reach personal goals, among other things. Maintaining positive relationships should rank up there with healthy eating and exercise as a necessary investment in your health.


Naturally as people age their friends do too, and inevitably some of those good friends die. It is often very difficult for elderly who don’t easily get around in the community to establish new friendships. That’s one of the unique benefits of living at Neuvant House. Friendships occur naturally between residents and staff. People support each other, care for each other and become part of a unique family; often compensating for each others frailties. At Neuvant House of Lawrence no one has to ever be alone unless they wish to be in the privacy of their own room. It is heart warming to watch special friendships develop and grow.


To learn more about this program and the many other life enriching experiences taking place at Neuvant House of Lawrence, call and schedule a personal tour of our residential facility.

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